Are you looking for a unique website that fits your business and your target audience? The Craft CMS we use can and do customize down to the pixel. So that your website is as unique as your business.

A unique website

Your company is special and you want your website to reflect that. Good news: we do not limit ourselves to themes or skins, but create unique websites. Because every website should be recognizable and distinctive.

Easy maintenance

Our websites are as user-friendly on the back end as they are on the front end. So you can start using them right away, without a course or workshop. That's great, because it leaves you time to focus on your business.

Expertly built

You can expect from us that when your website is ready to go live, it can and should actually be seen. On a desktop, but also on mobile. And if there are still any problems, we will of course solve them.

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Quality websites

PixelDeluxe designs and creates websites. From the initial idea, through wireframes and interaction design to the final design. And then we build them, until they work completely nicely.


So we can guarantee ease of use on the front and back end of your website. For your target audience and therefore also for yourself. Because you are the one who is going to provide it with content. Posting news items, products, updates and photos: after delivery, it's up to you. And so maintaining the website had better be a fun and easy job. Because maintaining your website is not the only thing you have to do. There's work to be done, too!

The Craft CMS

Our websites are created using the Content Management System Craft. Never heard of it? Then it's high time you did! The system has the best of many other systems in it: it is (there he is again!) user-friendly, secure, easy to update and the design is customizable down to the pixel.

It allows you to quickly maintain your website (or even your web shop). And that goes beyond just modifying texts: the system even allows you to lay out and format complete pages yourself, using content blocks. Because we provide the blocks with an appropriate design, the design of the page always fits within the overall website. So the system offers you as a user and us as developers a lot of freedom.

For all screens

Suitable for mobile, but without a mobile version. Our websites are always designed responsively, so they look good and function well on any image size. So your website is suitable for desktop, tablet and mobile.

Who are our customers?

Our clients come from all sectors of business, but not only that. We also work for museums, municipalities, professional associations and interest groups. Any institution that really values how it can be found on the Internet, we can make happy. And happy customers ... that's what we do it for!

Are you looking for an awesome new website?

We are happy to think with you over a cup of coffee.

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