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Interaction design, 2016


All screen designs, incl. HTML/CSS style guide

The SAAS Smile gives every company a grip on risks and areas for improvement. The possibilities are endless, so the system has to be super user-friendly. We were allowed to do our bit by creating the interaction design and translating that into the visual design in a style guide.

Smile Signalen overzicht

The question

Smile asked us to take care of the usability and overall look and feel of their web application. So far, they only had a standalone application installed on a server at the customer's premises and they wanted a cloud application that would allow customers to register, create an account and get started via the website.

Our solution

We did an inventory process in which, through joint sessions, we established all users' tasks and goals.

We also classified the sitemap of the application. The purpose of this sitemap was to clarify the scope of the application and the rights structure.

We then created interactive wireframes in which the operation became clear. Based on the wireframes, we elaborated the design and developed a web style guide that the client's programmers could work with immediately.

The result

We are proud to have achieved a super final result in collaboration with Smile's staff. It is an application to be proud of!


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