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Interaction design, 2015


UI/UX designs of the website

The Association of Dutch Dentists (ANT) is the advocate for dentists, a rapidly growing professional organisation with its own sound. They are committed to improving the profession's image and continue to fight against bureaucracy.

The question

The ANT asked us to come up with an outline for a new website with a dedicated section where members can get additional functionalities such as downloads, knowledge base and more.

Screencapture ant tandartsen nl themas 2020 09 04 13 33 39

Good design makes ANT members happy to use our website.

— Jan Willem Vaartjes

ANT Page

Our solution

We set to work on developing a functional design based on all the requirements. We took stock of these and incorporated them into wireframes. This was done in consultation with the technical party that was going to develop it, in order to achieve the best possible end result. After this phase, all screens were worked out into user interface designs. That is, all pages were designed according to the new style we developed.

The result

We are very proud of the new website built by Dockbite. We did the art direction on this and it was filled by the customer himself.

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