Working method

PixelDeluxe's project methodology is divided into several phases: the inventory, concept, design, realisation and test phases. This is followed by the launch of the website then its maintenance. For each project phase, the work and deliverables are briefly described below.

Phase 1


The start of the project! This is a very important phase in the development of a new website, because this is phase where we discuss the project in detail for the first time. What are the requirements? Who are the users? What are their goals and what are your goals? And how do we create a website where everyone achieves their goals? Does content for the new website already exist (perhaps from the current website)?

Phase 2


Based on the results of the inventory phase, we discuss the desired layout and structure of the website and - if desired - create a functional design of it. Depending on the size and technical complexity of the website, we may choose to work out a detailed interaction design. Above all, we prefer to work with as little residual material as possible, which means that we only use the tools we really need for this specific project.

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Phase 3


After we have agreed on the structure together, the design phase starts in which, based on the results of the concept phase, we develop the visual design of two or three characteristic screens and present it to you. These screens form the basic style of the overall website. We present them to you and, after approval, we develop the rest of the screens. This final design will be presented to you for approval. After approval, we move on to the realisation phase.


Phase 4


During this phase, the website is realised based on the final design created in the design phase. We set up the technical foundation, set up the CMS and build the entire website based on the previously designed final designs.

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Phase 5


During this phase, you will get access to the CMS. We provide a CMS tutorial to make this possible. Now you can get to work filling the website with text and images. The website is still running in its development environment, but can already be tested. We will do that of course, but you are also welcome to carefully scrutinise the site. We are testing the site on different platforms with different browsers.

This phase will take two weeks. Any bugs reported during this period will be fixed by us. As far as we are concerned, your website can go live after these two weeks, but you may need a little more time to fill it up completely. No problem. We provide free support and bugfixing for another six weeks after the test phase.

Phase 6


Once you have finished filling the CMS and all the bumps have been ironed out, we are ready to go live. Of course, we'll agree together on which date this will happen. And then... it's time to party!

Phase 7


After the website goes live, technical developments continue. To keep the CMS secure and functioning properly, updates appear regularly. Many of our customers use our maintenance subscription or periodic management subscription: we check each month whether updates are available and perform them for them. Of course, we also make sure that the website is backed up and that the site is not only live, but that it stays live.

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