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Web design is the design and development of websites on the Internet. We help companies and organisations design and develop well thought-out, user-friendly and beautiful-looking custom websites so that they can achieve their online goals.

As skilled designers and developers, we are available to our customers every day to help them realise their digital dream.


When we start developing a website for you, we make sure we have a good idea of who your target audiences are, what their goals are and what your goals are. You understand your business and we understand ours. One plus one is three!

If you want to know exactly how we do this, check out our working method.


CMS (content management system)

As CMS, we use Craft CMS. This versatile and user-friendly system is a stable basis for a website like this one. Craft CMS is a custom-made system and is set up by us per website according to the customer's wishes. This way, we can also make the website as user-friendly as possible at the back end, making it easy for you to keep it up to date.

Learn more about Craft CMS here.


The websites we design are always responsive, which means that the design of the website automatically adapts to the size of the screen it is viewed on. So on a desktop, the website will have a different appearance than on a mobile or tablet. In terms of appearance, the website will remain the same, but in terms of positioning and subdivision, the different views on the different devices will be optimised in a well-considered way. As a result, the website can be used on all common devices and a separate mobile version of the website is not necessary.

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