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SEO (Search Engine Optimization), also called search engine optimization, is important to rank high in the search engines. Bit of a shame if your beautiful website is not found, right? That is why we already take into account the SEO requirements when designing and building the website.

"Back in the day," in terms of SEO, you could still get away with putting white text on a white background to get the necessary keywords to rank high in Google. Those days are truly over.

When building the website, we make sure that all the components needed to get your SEO right are in place. Among other things, we take into account semantics and we provide in the Craft CMS the tools you need further. So you can work on it yourself.

Do you want more? We can do that too. For content optimization, we work together with SEO marketers who know how your (potential) customers think and how to feed search engines with your website.

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