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After your website goes live, technical developments continue. To keep the CMS secure and functioning properly, updates appear regularly. When taking the optional post maintenance strip card (see below under Supplements), we check for updates monthly and if they are available, we perform them.


Maintenance card

We are happy to help you realize your digital project, but even after that, the door won't be locked with us. Because: is there anything as changeable as the digital world? Technical developments never stand still and neither do security requirements. That's why we offer a Maintenance card.

This maintenance card contains an hour credit, which can be used for small adjustments, solving incidents or, for example, moving the website. Moreover, we check for updates to the Craft CMS and the plug-ins used on a monthly basis and process them if they are there. This keeps your website up-to-date and minimizes the chance of a successful hacking attempt.

Of course, an up-to-date backup is made before we update. We also check whether the website still works properly on the various web browsers and devices. After execution of the work, an overview of the delivered hours and the remaining hours on the maintenance card is available. As soon as the maintenance card is full, a new one will be offered.

Periodic management

To ensure that your website is always working properly and up-to-date, minimizing the chances of a successful hacking attempt or other unwanted surprises, we offer a periodic management subscription.

New updates of Craft CMS and various plugins come out frequently. Within this subscription, we ensure that these updates are carried out on time. Thus, disruptions are proactively spotted, immediately addressed, or better yet, prevented.

Take over maintenance

We can also provide maintenance for a Craft CMS website that we did not build ourselves. Please contact us about the possibilities.

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