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Website with Craft CMS 3

ZCN has been a client of ours for a number of years. In 2018, we designed a website for the company and since then its function has changed. Although the style was not really dated, the need for a more clearly laid out site that is more responsive has grown. So time for a redesign, this is the result.

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A refreshing design

The first thing you notice when you know the old website is, of course, the new design. It is a website that we gave a friendly and corporate look and feel. Since ZCN's new website contains a lot of information, the design also had to be functional and provide overview. For this reason, we placed a handy wizard on the homepage with an auto-complete dropdown functionality to get visitors quickly on their way to the right pages.

Screencapture zcnvervoer nl diensten wmo vervoer 2021 12 01 15 31 27

A fine website that helps you find the right information quickly.

— A happy user

Built with Tailwind

Something not visible in contrast to the new design is that this website is built with Tailwind. This is a relatively new framework that is pleasant for our developers to work with and offers a lot of new possibilities for our designers and, ultimately, users.

Screencapture zcnvervoer nl app 2021 12 01 15 48 28
Screencapture zcnvervoer nl contact 2021 12 01 15 30 18

Key features

Noteworthy features of ZCN's new website are:

That it is more accessible to visitors with visual impairments. This is reflected in two options added to the website's header. These options allow users to increase the font size and contrast of the website.

Our customer is currently one of the few who can not only largely customise the pages themselves, but also decide which elements should have a background colour and how much space an element needs. As a result, information can be grouped even better than before and this makes this website even clearer.

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