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Responsive website in Craft CMS 3

Our partner Dat Merkje asked us to develop a multilingual website for dance company Vloeistof. We designed and realised a modern, clear website in which all information is beautifully presented and easy to maintain.

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About Vloeistof

Vloeistof is a dance company that mostly does its performances in everyday environments, such as on the street or in other locations. By doing the performances here, a normal place suddenly becomes a special environment where special things happen that leave a big impression.

Screencapture vloeistof nl over over vloeistof 2020 05 04 10 42 51

Great that we can put everything in the website and our images come out super nice.

— Yuri Bongers en Anja Reinhardt, Vloeistof

Screencapture vloeistof nl agenda 2020 05 04 10 43 09

Our solution

The website is laid out according to a clean pattern with a stylish colour palette and eye-catching components, each with its own design, which together show a neat image on every page.

Vloeistof's entire offering is clearly laid out. You can see for each performance who is performing and where and when. You can see this at a glance via the agenda and you can also filter by type of performance.

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