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Craft CMS website with ticket integration


March 2024

Working with Filmhuis Gouda and designer Kirsten Fabels, we seized a unique opportunity to weave the cultural value of the film house with the modern capabilities of web design and development. Our goal was to create a digital experience that both stays true to the essence of Filmhuis Gouda and invites visitors to explore current film offerings.

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Filmhuis Gouda is known for its carefully selected collection of both classic masterpieces and modern cinematic art. The challenge lay in designing an online platform that respects this diversity, promotes it and makes it accessible to a wide audience.

Our approach

Working closely with Filmhuis Gouda's team and designer Kirsten Fabels, we designed and developed a website that embodies the film house's core values. We used modern web technologies to build a responsive, accessible and visually appealing site. An innovative aspect of the project was the integration of Ticketlab, which allows visitors to effortlessly purchase and reserve tickets online. This seamless integration not only improves the user experience, but also boosts online sales.

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We also implemented a dynamic display system with Masonry tiles, where the content intelligently adapts to different screen sizes. This ensures that the website looks perfect on any device, be it a desktop, tablet or smartphone. The flexible columns of the masonry tiles arrange the content in an aesthetically pleasing way, contributing to a visually engaging and user-friendly interface.


Filmhuis Gouda's new website is a masterpiece that reflects both the film house's future ambitions. With advanced Ticketlab integration and responsive Masonry tiles, the platform offers an enhanced user experience and streamlined access to film selections and events. Since launch, we have seen a significant increase in online bookings and engagement, proving that a good synergy between technology, design and culture is a winning combination.

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