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Webdevelopment, 2021


Bilingual website in Craft CMS

In collaboration with Matzwart and Kirsten Fabels, we created a bilingual website for Crosswind HKN, a consortium of Shell, Eneco, Siemens and Van Oord.

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The goal

We were asked to develop an attractive, fast, well-functioning website that is easily expandable and bilingual, based on the design provided.

Screencapture crosswindhkn nl nl innovaties 2021 09 01 11 10 00

Easily expandable

We made sure that apart from the fixed sections homepage, news and contact, the rest of the pages can be created and filled by the customer himself. We did this through an easy table of contents in the Craft CMS. There, pages and subpages can easily be created that automatically appear in the menu.

Screencapture crosswindhkn nl nl innovaties 2021 09 01 11 10 00

A beautiful website for a sustainable project

— Tjalling de Bruin

Screencapture crosswindhkn nl nl nieuws 2021 09 01 11 11 23

The result

We are very proud of the final result that we executed in collaboration with Kirsten Fabels and the people from Matzwart and Crosswind HKN.

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