Why your company should have an https website

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Since Google has indicated that it is going to reward secure websites with better search results, having such an https website has become even more important. But a better Google result is not the only reason.

A secure website, which you can recognize by the https prefix, ensures that the information visitors leave behind is sent encrypted. This way, it cannot be intercepted by malicious parties.

A secure website is also displayed differently in the browser's menu bar than an insecure website. So the visitors to your website are shown whether they can leave their data on your site with confidence. It shows the visitors that the company associated with this website is responsible and professional. Thus, the security of the website reflects on the reliability of the company behind it.

How will your website also become secure?

Fortunately, it is possible for any business to get a secure website. To do so, you don't need to have a new website created, but the current website does need an SSL certificate.

There are different types of SSL certificates, from very simple (Single Domain) to very extensive (Extended Validation). Which certificate is suitable for your website depends on the desired security indication and the website itself. For example, a webshop requires a different certificate than a purely informative website.

Can you do this yourself?

Purchasing a certificate is almost as simple as buying half a brown, but after that there's more to it....

The transition of a live website from http to https is a meticulous job, which we do in close cooperation with the website provider. This way we guarantee that the live website also stays live, that all data remains available and that the website continues to work like a charm after the transition to https.

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