Interaction Design

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The design of a digital product (be it a website, application or app) should go beyond just a pretty picture. You want your target audience to understand your product and take the action you envisioned. The whole thing has to make sense and work pleasantly. And that's why interaction design is essential.

This is how interaction design works at PixelDeluxe

First, we list the tasks and goals of the users and, of course, your business goals. Here your knowledge of the target group and the product comes together with our knowledge of usability. Together, we develop the optimal user experience that gives you what you had in mind.

We can do this, for example, on the basis of user stories. In these, different actions of the various target groups are worked out, so that it is already completely clear at the start of the project what is expected of the end result.

Based on these user stories, we develop a prototype of the website or application. In it, the operation of the final product becomes clear, before it is built. More strongly: even before there is a visual design for it. This way, adjustments can still be made very easily, which would have been very complex at a later stage.

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And after that?

The next step is the visual design of the application or website. Based on the prototype, we can work on turning it into a user-friendly and attractive design. And finally, we turn the visual design into a working product. Or do you have your own team for that? Then we make sure they get everything delivered so they can get to work quickly.

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