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A favourites module can be a valuable functionality for several reasons:

  1. User engagement and personalisation: A favourites module allows users to mark items as favourites and save them for later use. This promotes user engagement and provides them with a personalised experience on your website.
  2. Quick access to favourite items: Users can easily and quickly access their favourite items without having to search again. This saves time and effort, giving users a smooth and seamless experience.
  3. Reminders and notifications: A favourites module can remind users of their favourite items or notify them of updates, such as price changes or new stock. This keeps users engaged and informed about the items they are interested in.
  4. Wishlist functionality: A favourites module can also act as a wish list, where users can save items they would like to have or are considering purchasing in the future. This helps users keep track of and organise their desired items.
  5. Social interaction: Users can share their favourite items with others via social media or e-mail. This promotes social interaction and allows users to share recommendations with their friends, family members or colleagues.
  6. Enhanced user experience: A favourites module enhances the user experience by allowing users to make their personal selection and save items they like most. This gives users a sense of control and personalisation, making them more engaged with your website.
  7. Increase conversion: By allowing users to save their favourite items, you create a sense of connection and commitment to your brand. This can increase the likelihood that users will eventually proceed to purchase or convert.

A favourites module can increase user engagement, improve the user experience and give users a sense of personalisation. It allows users to save their favourite items, quickly access them and share them with others. This can lead to improved engagement, higher conversions and a positive user experience on your website.

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